Pure Henna began out of a search for self-expression. The raw naturalness of Henna called me to this beautiful form of body adornment.

I established my business in 2013 offering Henna Body Art at local markets, to this present day where I provide henna services for private parties celebrating milestones & birthdays, blessingways , pregnancy photography, corporate events, fetes/festivals and more. For other occasions I have a professional home studio in Alexandra Hills which operates by appointment. My work is all free hand and I provide design books with numerous traditional and modern designs to choose from. Alternatively I can freestyle something unique on the spot for each individual.

All my henna is mixed by myself using 100% natural ingredients of organic Rajasthani  Henna, essential oils such as Lavender or Tea tree, Distilled water or fresh Lemon juice and sugar. With the correct aftercare the henna stains a beautiful dark reddish brown which can last from 7–14 days. I am proud to promote the use of PPD free henna .

I never use black henna or any other form of chemically developed henna and discourage the use .

Throughout the year Pure Henna runs Henna workshops where you can learn about the history and origins of henna. Designs are taught in basic form to encourage learning and creativity. Henna cones are provided for workshop use and to take home for practice.

Other aspects of Pure Henna are my Mehendi design inspired glassware, plates, bowls and mugs. All items are painted freehand in glass or porcelain paint which are tough enough to wash in the dishwasher.  Henna painted candles are also a favourite to add unique beauty to any room or occasion. Special orders can be placed for specific designs and/or quantity for gifts as party favours.

I am available to discuss any queries or questions you may have regarding my henna services . I look forward to sharing my passion for beautiful henna art with you.