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Witness the design come to life as each work of art is as unique as the canvas it’s created on

100% Organic Henna Body Art for all occasions.

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100% Organic Natural Henna

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About The Artist

With 10 years of Henna Body Art experience, I freestyle a completely unique designs for individuals who want to embrace their physical forms and help their inner beauty shine through to the outside as they wear their design for weeks to come.

It brings me so much joy being able to connect with unique humans by the medium of Henna. I am very grateful I can help people strengthen the bond with their body through the use Henna Body Art.

I am very passionate about education of natural eco products and mindfulness of what you are putting into your body and allowing in your life. 

Pure Henna combines these two beliefs, resulting in a business all about 100% Natural Henna Body Art and low waste ethics.


Upcoming Events

  • Flowstate Festival
    Flowstate Festival
    Fri, 26 Apr
    26 Apr 2024, 12:00 am – 28 Apr 2024, 12:00 am
    Beechmont, 1449 Beechmont Rd, Beechmont QLD 4211, Australia
    Pure Henna is excited to be attending this amazing festival for flow artists and creatives alike - offering a Intro to Henna 101 workshop & roving henna during the 3 days festival.


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