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Private Bookings

Book a private appointment with us 

Pure Henna's private home studio is situated in Alexandra Hills 4161. 

Home studio appointments start at a minimum of $15 with a deposit to hold the booking slot. 

If the area you want decorated is larger or take longer to dry, we can come to you so you can relax in your own home while you get Henna'd up!

Travel fees apply if you live far from Alexandra Hills 


Henna Parties 

The Average Henna Party duration is 1.5hrs.

Henna parties are perfect for a celebration, whether it be a birthday, engagement or simply getting together with friends. 

For a 1.5hr Henna Party Booking, it is ideal for a smaller design if you have a larger guest list. 

The larger the design the fewer guest can be adorned.

Hourly rate of $100 - Travel fees apply if you live far from Alexandra Hills 

Henna Party design per hr.jpg

Pregnancy Henna & Blessingways

Strengthen the bond with you bub before they're earthbound.

Whether you want to add something special to your Baby Shower/Blessingway, or you just something unique to help celebrate your next pregnancy.

This positive female energy paired with Henna adornment can make for a powerful experience and strengthen the bonds between you, your child and your tribe.

If you would like a something unique-  offer a special service of Traditional Blessing Way's for you and your tribe.  Click below for more information!

Henna Body Art is completely safe for Pregnancy, I make the Henna paste myself and know exactly what’s in it. Please let us know if you have any sensitivity's to essential oils. 

An average bump design takes 1hr to apply. 

If you would like your guests to receive Henna Art as well, a booking of 2hrs is best. 

Rate - $100/hr 

Travel fee's apply if the location is far from Alexandra Hills 4161. 

blessingway henna hands.jpg

Boudior Henna Art

Adorn your temple and honor your beauty

Full Body Henna designs are one of my favorites to do, they provide a deeper connection of self-love and allow the wearer to have some "me time" & relax for the few hours during the application process. 

We have many different packages to offer in this service. To find out more, click the button below. 

Travel fee's apply if the location is far from Alexandra Hills 4161. 



Start Your Henna Journey

We provide hands on workshops covering many topics of the world of Henna including - 

1. Introductions to Henna / Design

2. Mixology - making your own Organic Henna paste

3. DIY Henna Scarf - adorn your fabrics

Book a private workshop with your friends or RSVP a seat in our next upcoming workshop. 


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Add your contacts below with the date, time, location and service you would like and we will provide a quote.

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