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Henna Stain Care

There are many ways to achieve a dark long lasting henna stain.  

We've made it easy by splitting it into 2 different stages -

Before and after you have the henna paste applied. 

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Clean skin is best!
You will not be able to get your henna wet after it has been applied so it is

best to shower beforehand (haha get it?).
Make sure you exfoliate/wash the area you want decorated, as this will remove the dead skin, natural oils and dirt. Having clean skin as a base will help the Henna stain last longer.

 No Moisturizers
After you have showered, DO NOT apply any lotions or moisturizers to your skin. As they will create a barrier and the Henna will not be able to stain properly - Henna paste loves dry skin.


Keep the area dry and warm
Heat helps the Henna process so having a high body temperature will help it develop into a dark rich stain!

Try to keep the paste on for as long as possible 1 hr minimum - 6hrs for the best results
Don’t Get It wet!
Avoiding water for the first 12 hours will allow the Henna to Oxidize and properly stain your skin.
Brush It Off & Oil it up!
After you've brushed the paste off (don't wash it off) & the stain has developed from a vibrant orange to light brown, you can apply

Pure Henna Balm or natural oils such as coconut oil or vegetable oil, to help preserve your stain. Good times to apply the oils are before getting it wet like showering, swimming or just in the mornings.​

stain progression_edited.jpg


Enjoy your fresh all-natural henna stain!

Although the design is temporary, the memoires will last forever.

Leaving you with a rich embodiment and appreciation for your glorious temple you inhabit.

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