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Here's some of our artists favorite works

Nudity ahead - turn back now if you do not feel comfortable with seeing naked forms or are under the age of 18 

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She Amongst The Green

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Past The Trails


- Photoshoots -

These collections are created to accentuate the beauty of each individual. 
Like trees of a forest, we grow together side by side.
Although our shapes are different, sculpted from each unique challenge we face.
We can walk amongst the beauty - appreciating its natural splendour. 
We can marvel at our differences and celebrate our forms. 

She Amongst The Green

She amongst the Green

So still, she waits 
In the ferns amongst the shadowing ancients
A patient watcher adorned in paints,
Of powders and plants we know the fragrance.
No need to rush, no haste at all
For there is no impatience in watching the leaves fall.
In the dimples of cheeks and the waves of the branches.
 The shadows grow long as the moon shows her faces. 
The light in me meets you halfway,
Chest to the heavens where you like to play. 
Of course there is no difference, between me and you,
We are but one soul acting as two. 


Past The Trails

Past The Trails

One foot leads you with wonder

The other excitement

As you step off the path

Toward the lush embankment


Down to the forest you go

She’s calling you home

to a place you have always visited

whenever you felt alone.

Though you were never abandoned

Not in the true sense,

For our green mother waits

With joyful suspense

Watching you work

Day after day,

Waiting for the time to play

Into her breathing life-force

You run with glee

For our old souls need to be set free.

The forest folk smile as you step of the trails

Waving to you they say "welcome back dear friend, to our home made from faitytales"

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